Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vroom... Vrooooom!

**Reminder: you can click any picture and see it in BIG! Just don't take them please =-)**

We got to go to see a motocross race qualifier thingy! haha I don't really know exactly what to call it but it was fun. It was a really huge race track, and there were motorcycles and little race cars racing and practicing for the race in a couple of weeks. We got these cool "backstage-VIP helper-passes" from someone that knows someone or something haha. Point is, we got to go to where not many people go and it was COOL!

Here is dirk with our "Helper" passes

It was kind of funny because when i woke up that morning i was like "i want to dress cute today! I have not been able to bc of the stupid weather!" And we get there and tt was sooo windy, therefore freezing COLD! I ended up wearing my jacket and someone's windbreaker on top... so much for cute! lol. So we got there and the motos were really loud but awesome!

They are about to take off!! (If i were the lady in orange I'd run!)

There they are turning, their knees almost touch the ground!

Looks like they are about to fall over haha.

Then we got to go "behind the scenes" and it's funny because all the riders (i guess that is what they are called?) are there with their whole families supporting them! They go in those huge camper homes and they live there while the races are going on. They have like a little home set up and a table to eat and some even TVs and stuff and then to the side they have their "moto garage" where they tune up or fix their bikes it was cool to see. We even got an autograph of one of them. I don't even know who that was tho haha.

Here is someone fixing up their bike...

I loved this! I'm guessing they are supporting a family member. It is so cute! haha

While we were there backstage, the other race was about the start. this one is crazy... it is with little like go-carts kind of, but they have a person driving and another person in the back shifting the weight for the turns. But these people are not strapped on! And they are going like 160 mph!

Here is one giving me the "thumbs up!"

And here is another from the back... isn't that crazy?!?!

And there they are on the track going really fast. See how the dude on the back is like half off the cart?!

So after a while we went to go sit down on some stadium stands and there were a ton of flags at the top, representing the counrties that were racing. I decided to take a picture of the good old German flag, because i don't have many pictures of it. For some reason Germans don't like to display their flag like Americans and Mexicans... hm.... Anyway, I took like 15 pictures trying to get the best one bc of the crazy wind and finally i got this beauty...

...only to find out like 2 seconds later that that is indeed the belguim flag NOT the German one! LOL. (Smart one Mari ;)) So there I go find the actual German one and here is the best shot i could get:

So the pic didn't come out as great as the other but at least it's the right one! haha

Before we left we got a picture of Dirk and I with the pretty scenery. The weather may not be great, but the scenery in the summer that is gorgous!

Marisol and Dirk, and if you look closley, we caugh a bike in between us!

We were done for the day and while we waited for Dirk's cousin and Mom2 to pick us up, I found the cutest little flowers =). We had not seen Dirk's cousin yet and I was really excited because she had a baby in March and so we got to meet baby Celine!! Here is a pic:

You think I'm ready for one??? I don't think so... I look really little =/ HAHA But she was sooo cute! =)

And my precious little flowers =)



**Reminder: you can click any picture and see it in BIG! Just don't take them please =-)**

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  1. It's so funny. Whenever we do something now I wonder what you are going to write about it in your blog. It's like reading your blog about our experiences is almost more exciting than the actual experiences haha ;-)