Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today we got to go strawberry picking!! It was lots and lots of fun! It is so sad that i had never ever seen a strawberry on an actual plant on dirt! It was GREAT! I can't wait to have my own garden and pick fruits and veggies for the day. ::Sigh:: So we go and what they do is the weigh your empty basket and then after u fill it they subtract the weight of ure basket and charge u a really cheap per kilo for the strawberries u picked! AND you can eat as many as u want while picking! =)

I probably ate more than we took home! haha jk. (just kidding) Today was actually really nice and sunny. The highest temperature i saw was 20 deg.! So it was pretty nice. I look kinda dumb in most of the pictures tho bc it was early and my hair is all tangled haha. But i don't care because it was FUN!

The other day when we went to see the ski jumpers Dirk's mom pointed out some blueberries in the middle of the forest that was cool too! I didn't eat any of those tho... wild blueberries??? hmmm.

There I am on a mission!

I'm already eating and my basket only has ONE strawberry! haha!

Dirk found a good one!

There were some really ripe... others not so much. =) but they were still pretty!

I found strawberry jam! hahaha

Dirk found a jackpot under the leaves!

And i dug into it! lol

One row in the pretty field.

Our final product! It looks like a lot less that there really are!

And tomorrow is another day! I'm out! byebye.



  1. Aww Mari! That looks like fun! :) Are yall going to make anything with them? Strawberry shortcake. Ummmm...

  2. haha yea right! They're gone! They ate them REALLY fast!

  3. Eso se ve hermoso !!!, que rico que puedes ir a recoger tu la fruta...eso es maravilloso.
    Tus hijos van a saber de verdad donde nace la fruta, porque muchos niños creen que la fruta crece en el super !!!!, jjajajajajaa....