Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little cooked stars

This morning as I was getting a plate to make my breakfast I saw a plate that looked familiar. The kind of familiar that brings back unwanted memories. It was a plate with a little star and clouds painted on the side and cooked on.

I made a comment to Dirk about "my plate" and he was like huh?? And that is when Dirk's sister said (in german, which sounds way funnier) "Oh, yea those are the plates that we marked for when Mari came with that weird disease!" LOL! With that, i just had to let go of the negative memories and crack up! The doctor had told us that i needed to use paper plates and utelsils to prevent from spreading the disease. They refuse to use paper plates here (because it destroys our environment!) so when I came for Winter 2007 they had a whole set of plates just for me! =)

To top it off later we were telling one of our friends about "my special plates" and he said "oh yea, you had that disease that we only get like 17 cases of a year and they are quarantined for like a month! You just smuggled it in." I was like nice... hahah. No wonder no one discouraged me when I told them I was flying back home because i was too sick. They all probably let out a sigh of relief!

P.S. I really want a cute/better template does anyone know how to do that??

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