Friday, June 12, 2009

A bit bitter...

I am beginning to understand why people in this town seem so bitter! The weather is freaking insane! This morning it was sunny, then it rained, then the sun came out and then it hailed like crazy and the sun came out 3 minutes later! What the hell!? You can't really make plans because you never know what kind of weather you will get. (and by 'you' i mean ME!)

Crazy rain and hail....

Sunshine 2 minutes later... ???

Today has been a frustrating day! I need a vacation from my vacation! Good thing we are going to Prague tomorrow. =) I hope its nice weather... Since we got here we have been dealing with a million different offices. The whole marriage thing, and health insurance and other things Dirk had to take care of. We are still in the process of getting things in order, but man the paper work is insane! So turns out i cant get health insurance from Dirk because i am considered "just a tourist" at the moment. When/if we move here (not Chemnitz) then we would have to get more paperwork and visa and crap THEN i can get insurance and all that good stuff. I guess that makes sense.. Ugh the lady at one office really ticked me off! She was talking to Dirk and then said in German "Well if she wants to live here she needs to learn German." And i just laughed out loud because I understood what she said, AND that was the reason why we were there! To ask where i can take classes!

Whew... ok enough complaining I just had to VENT! So I don't have a "cool story" today because we have not done too much in the past two days. We have been sick and so we have been sleeping and drinking tea. Today we are all much better (health wise) haha.

::"Uh no.. i see those damn black clouds coming again...."::

So, since I don't have a cool fun story i thought i would tell you about some random/cool things. I like that here you get money back for you empty plastic and glass bottles, (like in my lovely Mexico!) Anyways it is called "pfand" so if it says that on the label you know you can take it back and get money. So i have been buying a little 6-pack of Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with mineral water) for me. And i get really excited when i finish one because that means i get to go back to the store and use the cool machine!! (I know philip... you are prob thinking I'm dumb for this! haha) but anyways i think its super cool! They don't have THAT in Mexico haha.

::And the rain is BACK... ugh::

Here is my Apfelschorle, one is ready for the machine! =)

First, you throw your bottle in the hole. Here is Dirk throwing one in.

it scans it and tells you what it is and how much it is worth on the little screen on the side. It crunches it and away it goes! Then you push the button that say "bon" and a little receipt prints out that is worth money!

I think its super cool and it should be done everywhere! That way 1, you don't feel AS guiltily using plastic bottles because they recycle them and 2, you get money for them! So next time you buy the same thing it only cost you a fraction of the cost!

I could keep writing forever but i think i will save that for another blog. That way i don't lose my readers! haha Maybe I'll write another later today since it seems like I wont be going anywhere =(.




  1. It seems like you really learned something in technical writing class ;-)


  2. haha dirk cracks me up! he reminds me of scott. thats funny! seems like you've made yourself at home! haha and im glad to hear ur mom-in-law is human haha..y dont we have that recycling thing here? america is cool but not cool. so confusing! im sry the weather is crazy that would throw me off sooo bad! i hate when that happens. im sure it'll clear up tho u still have a good while to be there. well im enjoying the pics so keep 'em coming! :)

  3. Mari, me encanto que pusiste los dos relojes con la hora de Alemania y la hora de Texas !!!!, esto es mas facil para ubicarnos....
    Gracias !!!
    me encanta como escribes, eres muy chistosa, jajaja...dice tu papa que deberias de hacer libros...y yo tambien lo digo...

  4. Marisol...Your Mom is the cutest!!! I love her comments!!!

    <3 LiLiA