Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ich koche auf Deutsch - (I cook in German)

So, soon after we arrived i told Dirk we needed to set a routine or schedule for eating. (For those who know me this is typical of me haha.) So I asked his mom "what is your eating schedule in your home?" and she replies, "sometimes we eat, sometimes we don't." So0 i was like well... THAT doesnt really work for me... haha. Soo i talked to Dirk and we figured i could just cook since I'm used to cooking everyday anyways. The only thing is that

1. i am used to cooking for two and
2. it would get really expensive to cook for 5 (+1 sister's bf seems to be here a little longer than expected.)

We figured we could go half and half for the cost of food with his mom, but when we told her our idea she said that she is fine with me cooking but that she wants to buy all groceries. That sounds good! So she said i can cook whatever and whenever i want and whatever amount too! She said if there is not enough for everyone it doesnt matter because they are used to it haha =).

So there there i go cooking German style for the first time. It was interesting haha. It felt a little funny bc i felt like i was looking through someone's kitchen. So i got some raw chicken looking meat in the fridge, some "paprika" (red bell pepper), zuchinni, onions and some garlic.

Sidenote: You know they have so many different types of trash here?? The plastic, paper, glass, even one for batteries and organic stuff!

When I oppened the little door to the spices i was like whha?? Haha the names of the spices are so different!

I just picked a couple and hoped for the best! While i waited for the veggies to saute, i read the package from where the meat came out of and it said it was "Pute." I asked Petra, what is this? (Wondering if i was cooking up some weird meat) She said "Ah.. es ist Puta!" I was like WHAA? LOL!! That's how its pronounced! Isn't that hilarious!? Turns out it is "female turkey". Anyways, my dinner was looking good and almost ready so i got the bread slicer (appearantly it is a common household item here) and sliced my bread.

Soo that was my frist time cooking in Germany. This story was wayyy longer than it had to have been sorry... haha!



  1. Mari, se ve muy buena tu comida, ojala que a todos les haya gustado y que padre que ya empezaste a cocinar lo que tu estas acostumbrada !!! aunque el nombre de la pobre pavita !!!! jajajajajajaja.....esta muy bueno....

  2. Okay I am really behind with your blog ...

    Your 1st German dinner looked very Mari-ish!!!
    I had some Puta for dinner tonight....with spaghetti and garlic toast...I'm going to tell AC I packed some left over Puta for his lunch tomorrow =) Hahahaha

    <3 LiLiA