Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I took off my...

Sweater, AND jacket!!!! It was great! Last weekend we went to Prague the weather was amazing!! I saw the sun and there was no rain. To be fair to Chemnitz, the next day in Chemnitz was REALLY nice too (that's for a later blog). It was a lot of fun =).

It was actually really funny because Dirk's dad took us. So he came to pick us up at 8:30 am. Everyone was asleep so the whole time getting ready we were really quiet. Then, starting at like 8:25 Dirk was staring out the window to see if his dad was coming so that way he wouldn't ring the door bell and wake everyone. Being the good German that he is, his dad got here at exactly 8:30 am. I don't know how they do this...

So Dirk tells me "let's go! So he wont ring the doorbell!" and so i grab my stuff and run! As i am closing the door to the apartment Dirk runs to the door of the building.

Dirk tells me before I close the door, "we don't have keys, and wont have any for a long time do you have everything?"

I think... ok camera, check!, gum, check!, stupid jacket, check! OK I'm ready, and i close the door and run out! We say hi to his dad and get ready to cross the street to get to the car then i look down! MY SHOES!!!! "Dirk I forgot my shoes!" LOL!! His dad is like?? I ran out with my house shoes on! So there we go and wake everyone up cause we had to ring the doorbell! oops... lol

So other than that it the day went pretty smooth. Dirk's dad drove, while Dirk gave directions when needed and i sat in the back taking picture of the very pretty scenery!

**warning - this blog post will be LONG!**

Some castle or something on the way =)

Almost there...

We got there and parked the car in "new Prague" and walked to "old Prague" it was really cool! At first you could tell you were in the Czech republic because there were shops like this one:

We're here!!

But it just looked like a normal town, then we climbed over this like mountain thingy and WOW....

First view of Prague from the top of the mountain thingy.

Take two...

You would have never thought that this was so close to the village that is on the other side of this mountain! We have to walk through the Prague Castle (which is the largest castle in the world!) and St. Vitus Cathedral and climb down to get into the city. We didn't go in to the castle this time but there are grape vineyards all over the place! They were so pretty!

Here are the vineyards next to the castle.

And here are the baby grapes up close. So cute!! =)

So we went into the city, ate some awesome gelato =P (YUM!), and while we looked for The Charles Bridge, we also looked for a place to eat. We tried asking for directions but that was really funny! They didn't speak German AT ALL and some people spoke some English but then we found this good sign that helped us... haha

???? I'm guessing the only way we found the Charles Bridge is cause Dirk's dad knew that in Czech "most" means bridge. haha.

Each time we saw a restaurant we would stop by and check the menu and prices posted outside. We saw a couple of nice places but none of us were really hungry yet. One restaurant was really COOL, to enter you had to go down some very narrow stairs. It was so narrow that on both ends they had a little traffic light! So if you wanted to go down you would push the button and when the little green man turns on, you can go!

Going up cause the little man is green!

Then we ran into some interesting menu options such as this:

Anybody up for some "Zebra Steaky??" LOL!!

We decided to just get stop by on our way back to Germany to get some more "authentic" Czech food. Then we spotted the Charles River!! I was excited about this because to be honest, i did not know much about Prague before i went other than it had the Charles Bridge! haha.

Hmm... now how do I get from here.... to THERE?

We made it to the bridge. And i was a bit disappointed =( There were SO many people!! You could hardly walk on there! There were a couple of people selling arts and stuff and that was nice, but half of it was under construction and the other half was PACKED! There was a people jam! lol It took us a really long time to get across! But i hope next time we go we can get to see it at other times of the day when there aren't as many tourists haha.

So that's what it's called in Czech...

We had to get a picture of us on the bridge, but it was reallly hard to do that because so many people passing by getting in your picture! lol So finally his dad got a good one of us while about 100 tourists watched as they waited for the picture to be taken! lol.

The man with the blue man-purse is NOT waiting!

So after that we just walked around the city for a while longer and climbed up the mountain again to the new Prague where we left our car.

Bye, bye old Prague!

So on our way back i fell asleep and woke up because we stopped at a restaurant Dirk saw and picked! hahaha We wanted our "authentic" czech food, so we stopped in some random tiny town. We walked in the the restaurant and everyone turned around and looked at us... It was scary! haha It was really foggy in there because everyone was smoking and the waitress came to our table and started speaking Czech to us. They spoke German back and she yelled something to someone. Probably "hey we got some foreigners who wants to deal with them!?" lol. Then this younger guy came and spoke pseudo German and told us we were all eating goulash. So we said... ok? And then later he came and pointed at me and said "for girl potato soup." I was like ok... haha. They brought the soup but the goulash for me too tho so i dunno what that was about? It was all really creepy they ALL knew each other... and were probably wondering why we were there. They were nice over all but i was still freaked out haha. That is why i do not have a picture of this... Sorry haha.

Allright sorry this was wayyy long =). It was to make up for all those days I didn't get to write haha. Take care my people! And thanks for those who've posted comments!! =)




  1. hahaha ur shoes! thats hilarious! i bet the architecture in prague was really neat, from what i can tell..that seems like a fun day. it reminds me of my trip to new orleans. my mom and i stopped at every restaurant to see food and prices. but we were nvr hungry. must be the traveling ha. well hope u enjoyed ur czech meal!

  2. The restaurant does sound like the beginning of a horror movie or maybe a comedy. :) Maybe they brought you potato soup b/c they thought you might not like the other soup.

  3. Mariii, no fuiste a ver un reloj en una plaza que tiene el sol y la luna ???, dicen que esta muy padre, ojala que vayamos nosotros a verlo, se ve padrisima la ciudad !!!!