Sunday, May 31, 2009

The in-laws...

It sounds kinda scary no? "In-laws" but i'm soo glad that i am blessed with nice ones =). I am starting to better adapt to living here now. They are all so nice but man they are weird! haha Not that I'm not weird but they are just different weird u know?

My brother in law is really nice, we don't communicate much, must be the language haha. But we do like to gang up on Dirk!! hehe

My sister-in-law is really funny and cute when i asked her for a towel to shower she ran to her room and looked for one that best suited ME and she gives me this:

HAHA!!! Nice... a mexican banana? That made me laugh. So now this is my towel of the week =).

My mother-in-law is awesome! Although i am convinced she is an alien... you know the good kind? haha. I never see her eat, shower, or go to the bathroom!! I do wake up waaay later than her but still!? She drinks crazy amounts of coffee ALL day don't you think you would have to pee at some point? lol She is also super uber nice! She is one of the sweetest persons i know. And realllllly positive, NOTHING in the world can upset her! It's really not normal... haha but in a good way! She can also drink really large amounts of DARK dark beer and be ok to drive (without peeing first). Doesnt that make you wonder too??? lol
That's beer in that huge glass... looks like coke right?? I'm just staring wondering if shes actually going to finish that second giant thing of beer and then drive us home?! haha

Here I introduce to you my weird but awesome in-laws! It really explains a lot about Dirk! haha. =).

P.S. I have now changed the settings so that anyone can post comments! All you have to do is pick "anonymous" but then sign your name after your comment and thats it! =)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Thoughts...

So, I decided I should start a blog since I will be in Germany for the next two months with really nothing to do but live. =) I figured it is a good way of expressing myself without having to translate every thought or feeling i have. I can just ramble on as i wish here and not have to worry about punctuation, spelling or conjugation! That i like. So as of now... we have been here 2 or 3 days i cant really tell since we are so jetlagged we have been sleeping on and off and the weather really sux right now so i can never really tell what time of the day it is... I can't wait for it to start looking like summer! They said it was very hot and nice right before we got here... figures! O well. For now the clouds and rain must be my friends...