Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh Technology... we've become so dependant on it!

I LOVE my parents!! They are HILARIOUS! Yesterday was just epic... haha. Here it goes:

There was a huge thunderstorm in McAllen yesterday, so according to my dad "pego un relampago y frego la computadora!" He said there was a black screen that said stuff on it. He wanted Dirk to fix it, over the phone by having my dad read out what it said.

Obviously THAT did not work.

Dirk said "Why don't you take a picture of the screen and send me the picture?" 

... silence on the other side of the phone...

Papa: "I don't know how to do that." 

So Dirk gives me the phone and it starts! I tell him to use the laptop to upload the picture. It took ONE hour to tell him how to upload the pic from the camera to the computer. ONE HOUR! Him and my mom were on speaker phone it was just TOO funny. I could hear them bickering in the background:

"No Guillermooo, ya se apago la camara!"

"Noo mira el foquito verde!"

So after an hour, literally, they got the "right" picture saved onto their desktop! All of this happening while Dirk is on the floor CRACKING up...little fool! haha. So now... explain how to actually E-MAIL the photo. I asked to speak to my mom because if i tell my dad to do something he doesn't listen and he does what he wishes haha. So i take her take her step by step and she says "Ya!!! La mande!"

So there I go check my e-mail... and I wish I could post the picture I got here... lol. I dont have the picture with me but it was a picture of my dad! He was playing with his camera taking pictures of himself with different hairstyles LOL!! I was like WTF?! You send me a picture of my DAD!

Then my dad gets on the line and tells me:

Papa: "Mari, it is URGENT to get the computer fixed! I need to send a letter to a client like now!"

Mama: "Guillermo...why don't you write the letter on the laptop?"


Papa: "A pues si verdad... JAJAJAJA"

We were ALL cracking up!! But finally... Dirk was able to remotely fix their computer! Oh... did I also mention that I ordered them a NEW computer about a month ago that they have had there, while using the old one because Memo didn't "personalize" it for them yet? Yes, they have a brand new, working computer and they are still using the flinstone one!

It was a bit frustrating but HILARIOUS and so fun, made me love them even more! haha.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Life in a Nutshell

I have been the busiest and happiest I have EVER been in my life. (although it comes close to when I lived in Spain!) I finally got hired permanently at Rice University! I am soo excited about this. It is a great job and I really enjoy the people i work with. I am also taking photography classes on Saturdays and belly dance classes on Monday!! I have been wanting to take belly dance classes for a really long time now, but I never got the "courage" to I guess. When it comes to exercise I'm not a fan haha. But this is FUN exercise and plus I love the little bells on the shall =). When I am not at work or in class I spend as much time I can with the wonderfuL Mr. <3. Short but complete post!

Here are a couple of my pictures for my class so far:

This is my self-portrait: "Into the Soul"

Our little Räuchermännchen :) "Christmas in March"

The beautiful spring blossoms!!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Apparently Dirk looks Hispanic and Tom Cruise really does have a baby face! haha

It wouldn't recognize my adult face so i put my baby face haha! I seriously should be putting my time off to better use lol =)