Friday, June 19, 2009

Out in the country...

Hi Everyone! As you know I LOVE to write my stories through my pictures, my pictures are very sacred to me. (I'm not joking) So I would like to make my blog private, if you would like to continue to read my blog please just send me an email to and I will add you to those who can see my blog. Thanks and I hope you understand!! =)

So, the other day the weather was AMAZING!! IT was the best weather we have had since we got here, a couple of weeks ago. We went out to the country to my mother-in-law’s bf’s house. (I really need a shorter version of “mother-in-law” how bout “mom2”?? OK? Good) So his house is in the country, and the country here is so beautiful! He lives in a duplex that is SUPER cute! It’s like made for TINY people!! Good thing my in-laws and I are all small haha. Dirk’s friends would definitely NOT fit through the door without bending haha.

Here is the duplex, it looks small in the outside but there are like 5 or 6 people living here and it's actually very spacious.


Since the weather was so nice we set up a table outside and Miki (mom2’s bf) made some authentic Hungarian goulash! (He is from Hungary) He made it outside in the fire! It was really fun to watch. I took pictures of the stages of his cooking

Starting with sauteing the onions!

We went for a walk around to see what we would find. Mom2 found some edible mushrooms that she picked. That was fun to see, I still can’t get over the fact that there is food out in public for anyone to grab and eat! (Next blog…) It wasn’t this time, but mom2 found a HUGE edible mushroom in the forest the other day.

Here is a normal size mushroom we found that day.

Here is a GIANT mushroom! lol and they ate it!

I’d be scared to pick mushrooms bc I would probably accidentally eat a poisonous one! lol. Mom2 showed me a “good one” and a “bad one” and to be honest, they looked IDENTICAL to me… haha. So, we went to the pond and I saw a lot of really bright gold fish, but they wouldn’t stay still to get a picture of them…. =(. So, I found my next subject: LUCY!

There I am at the pond, and I found Lucy!

Lucy being followed by me - the paparazzi =)

Here is Lucy again, she was our bartender for the day ;)

Apparently she’s like a “community cat” or something… I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Lucy. =) I like taking pictures of everything… except for people lol. So I took an awesome picture of this bumble bee on a flower!

Check it out, it looks like a cartoon bee to me!! hehe

Dirk had burnt his head and face, but not his arms while in Prague, so we got him a cap and rolled up his sleeves! Haha.

Dirk looking like a cute thug with white arms haha jk.

We were all getting pretty hungry already but that’s when Dirk’s aunt and uncle got there with ICE CREAM!! Haha. While they got the bowls and stuff I went to go check on the status of the goulash:

Aunt and uncle with ice cream!

Miki Adding some spices.

After the ice cream we walked around a bit more we saw horses and other wildlife haha. Then I took the coolest picture EVER, on the reflection of a garden ornament:

O0oh Alice in wonderland! I love it! haha

I enjoyed the much needed SUN and then checked on the goulash again and was about the be done!! Yay!

Bubbling goulash.

I also found my new place of work:

Here is my new office and that's my new desk... haha

That was our day in the country… it was a very nice day. =) I try to make these blogs shorter but I just don’t know how. Next one may be just pictures with captions. We’ll see.

Ohh here is one more photo:

Awesome tiny flower. It's amazing how something so little has so much detail. I love it!

Take care everyone! And please send me an email =) thanks!!



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