Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back!

I haven't written in a while... lately i have been feeling crappy =/. I got a cold bc of the stupid weather, so then i decided to buy cough drops. I picked out some sugar free ones bc that's best for the teeth! =) BUT i kinda overdosed on them! I ate almost the whole bag and then felt it bad! My poor stomach hurt soo bad! The bad says "sugar free" all over the bag in every language but it can't tell you that if u eat too many you will be sick to your stomach!? lol

The red and white at the top says sugar free in all languages... lol

Anyways other than that things have been good. Yesterday we went to this really cool thing! We went where they go practice for ski jumping! But its only for kids so it was soo cute! It was in the middle of the forest so that was fun! I took tons of pics =).

This is where the kids practice when there is no snow =). It was soo cute there were some kids that were like 4! That little blue thing flying in the middle is a kid jumping.

Calling mother nature.... can you hear me?

Man these Germans really are a lot bigger than me... haha (Chair at a restaurant)

Today i was actually really excited and then really sad in like the same second... We went to go pick strawberries in a field! And when we got there it was "closed" =( I was soo sad! Because today the sun was actually out and it was up to 18 degrees!! It was even warm enough to roll up my sleeves I was so excited!!I think we will go on wednesday... We'll see! So instead we went to the Chemnitz park and acted like kids!

Haha!! I love self-timer!

hehe... i got really dizzy, can u tell from my face? lol

Here is the berry field that was closed =(

Ok so this was more pictures than writing but you know that saying... "picture's worth 1,000 words..." =) I shall sleep now, I still feel pretty crappy ... tomorrow will be a better day! Peace~

P.S. Ooh i fixed the comment section! Yay! So yea u just have to click anonymous if u don't have an account and then just sign it. =)

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  1. hey mari, did you see that the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow? I am excited about picking some strawberries :-)