Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to buy a watermelon with a 7 month old in tow!

In don't, or well I don't :(. I love watermelon! And now that it's season I have really been craving one. While I was pregnant I ate 15 whole seedless watermelons by myself! I can't wait to see if Amelie likes watermelon too. Yesterday we went to H-E-B because it rained all morning and Amelie was going crazy inside the apt all day (so was I). We didn't have much to buy but I figured I would try to get a watermelon. Well it didn't go so well. We have only tried to put Amelie in the H-E-B cart once and it was ok, but she would tip over when we turned the cart so we decided to wait a little longer with that. Currently I take her to the stores still in her carseat and I attach that to the stroller. I like it because it is easy and I like that she is facing in my direction. So we get to the huge watermelon carton and I pick one I like, then I think logistics...hmmm? I had a basket attached to hooks on the stroller, but it didn't fit in there and plus I think it would have broke off the hooks. So I tried carrying it with one arm like a football while steering the stroller with the other hand. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but when the carseat is attached the stroller gets much heavier and it feels like it will tip over. So I advance like 5 feet by steering the stroller with one hand and pushing with my foot. I almost dropped the watermelon...that would have been fun. So I figured I'd try to put it in the basket under the stroller and that was quite funny. It didn't fit all the way and it was so heavy that the bottom of the basket was dragging on the floor. I didn't want to mess up the basket so I took it out. I wonder how hilarious this sight must have been for the people around me. Amelie was completely unaware that her mother was trying to transport 15 lbs of fruit on her stroller. Instead she had her eye on the peaches.

I was about to give up and live with my craving until the weekend when I spotted the personal sized watermelons!! I am not really a fan of these. They are usually not sweet or juicy enough and sometimes a bit rubbery plus they seem a little too engineered. But it was worth a try. I picked one out and showed Amelie, she looked like the wanted to eat it haha. I put it in my basket and it didn't tip over yay!

We got home and I washed it and presented it to Amelie. I think she will like watermelon as much as I do :).

 Well hello there...
 Can I eat you?
Nom nom nom


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